CNN reports that a settlement has been reached between People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and wildlife photographer, David Slater.  The controversy began in 2011 when Naruto, a “7-year-old crested macaque,” stole Mr. Slater’s camera and took a selfie.  In 2015, PETA sued Slater under the theory that Naruto was the copyright owner of the photo and that, by selling the photograph, Slater was infringing on Naruto’s ownership rights.

In 2016, a court sided with Slater  agreeing that, since Naruto is a monkey, he cannot own a copyright.  PETA appealed the decision.  Under the terms of the settlement, 25% of the future profits from Naruto’s photo will be donated to charities protecting the habitat of macaques in Indonesia.